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Best Winter Gloves

It may only be August but now is the perfect time to start preparing for winter and deciding on which thermal gloves you are wanting to supply. Why are Winter Gloves important? As the seasons change, so do some working conditions. This can present different hazards to those seen in the hotter months of the

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The Colours of Coloursafe

In 2013 we introduced our Coloursafe range of gloves. The Coloursafe range comprises various knitted fabric gloves which feature different coatings to suit various applications. The range features a colour-coded system to allow users and health and safety professionals to immediately identify that the correct level of protection is worn for the task at

Different Styles of Rigger Glove

Rigger Gloves are and always have been fundamental in the PPE world – suitable for a multitude of different applications, across industries. There are many different styles of rigger glove available, made from different materials, offering different levels of protection. Just 1 Source has nine Rigger Gloves in our portfolio – the details of which

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EN511 – Protection against cold

Understanding EN511:2006 The standard EN511:2006 is designed for gloves which are used to protect against cold, representing a glove's insulative performance when working in cold temperatures or wet environments. The standard is broken down into 3 areas (seen to the right), with the first two elements being scored from a minimum of 0 to a

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Essential products for Waste Management & Recycling

The Waste Management & Recycling Industry compromises of many different tasks and duties which all pose different levels of risk to workers. Whether you are working in waste collection or waste incineration, there are various different products to protect staff whilst working. From cut-resistant work gloves to heat resistant work gloves and protective sleeves;

Top 4 Gloves for Winter

Top 4 Gloves for Winter Changes in the weather bring changes in working conditions, and it's essential that you tailor your PPE to workers needs, to keep them safe, warm, and productive! Just 1 Source has numerous winter glove options available, including thermal and waterproof products - see our top 4 below: 1. Pred Atlantic

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Crinkle latex glove comparison

With many similar-looking styles of glove available, it can be hard to separate the features and benefits of each. See below a breakdown of the differences of 4 of our crinkle latex coated gloves. Pred Amber Key Features: 10 gauge, breathable, yellow poly-cotton yarn liner (2-strand) Orange crinkle latex offering great grip

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The Colours of Coloursafe

The Colours of Coloursafe Similar to many UK glove suppliers, at Just 1 Source, we use a colour coded safety system to signify the level of protection our knitted/coated products offer. These coloured liners provide both the wearer and/or health and safety officers with an immediate indication that the user is wearing the correct level

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