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Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd are proud to be identified within the Health & Safety Industry as one of the leading lights in hand protection technology. With a passion for customer care and our well-recognised “Predator by Ron” brand www.just1source.com, it was important for us to choose providers who share our philosophy for quality

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The Impact of Shipping on the Supply Chain

2021 has been a year of frustration for importers of goods dealing with suppliers in Asia and the Far East, Covid-19, Port Congestion at both Origin and Arrival Blocked Waterways, Blank Sailings, Typhoons, recently reported power cuts in China and of course the ever-increasing shipping costs… Blank Sailings are normally put in place to increase

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Suggested Gloves for Logistics and Warehousing

Suggested Gloves for Logistics and Warehousing Within a logistics firm, there are a plethora of roles and responsibilities which could include: packing, loading, warehousing, and driving. Each task can present a different risk, and so it is important to ensure that staff is equipped with the correct protection to assist them in completing their work

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