Our Service Provider Partners

Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd are proud to be identified within the Health & Safety Industry as one of the leading lights in hand protection technology.

With a passion for customer care and our well-recognised “Predator by Ron” brand www.just1source.com, it was important for us to choose providers who share our philosophy for quality service levels. For this reason, we use APC Overnight, the UK’s largest independent parcel delivery network, and, TPN, who offer an efficient, cost-effective palletised freight delivery with a reputation for unbeatable service levels.

APC – Alternative Parcel Company

Founded in 1994, the APC delivery network is now the UK’s largest independent parcel delivery network, proudly offering:

  • Exclusive service to thousands of small to medium businesses for over 25 years.
  • They have over 100 network member depots that are independent businesses specialising in parcel collection/delivery solutions.
  • With three hubs across the UK, they are strategically located to ensure continuity in providing the highest level of service to APC Member depots and customers.
  • Utilising the newest and best technology.
  • Continually investing in safety and efficiency.

TPN – The Pallet Network

TPN have 120 Partner companies, with over 130 depot locations around the UK and a business model to offer:

  • Better environmental performance with reduced mileage and lower emissions.
  • The most efficient way to move pallets anywhere in the UK overnight.
  • An efficient way for regional distribution specialists to offer their customers a national service.
  • Standardised and excellent service levels.

If you share our convictions to support your business with quality products and service levels to create the best experience, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team on 01653 617718 or email us at sales@just1source.com

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