Supporting our Distribution Partners

When Just 1 Source & Supply was founded in 2010, it was decided the best way to introduce the Predator by Ron® brand into the market was through Distribution and sell in bulk. We had the expertise in design as Ron Simpson was the developer of the original Tiger range of leather gloves during his time as the Managing Director at MWT. To this day, many of Ron’s designs continue to be replicated.

Supporting our Distribution Partners

The decision to operate a strict no trade with End User policy, choosing to exclusively grow a network of trusted Distribution Partners, has been integral to the growth of Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd. That doesn’t mean to say, we won’t talk to an End User… in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We are always delighted to receive a support request from a Distributor or an End User, to call on-site and discuss hand protection requirements. It’s the perfect interaction as:

    • We get the opportunity to get another high-quality, fully-tested Predator glove out into the market
    • The Distributor is more comfortable stocking the right glove (in bulk) to meet the requirements of the End-User
    • The End-User received a tailored, cost-effective hand protection solution

We are often contacted by End-Users looking to buy our products, via social media, website enquiries, or over the phone. We value this interaction and the demand for our products; and are always happy to help where we can. In these scenarios, we always contact a suitable Distributor, either local to them or online, depending on the end-users preference. Passing on these leads, we are not only helping the end-user find suitable places to purchase our products, but we are also supporting our Distribution Partners.

Site Visits and Product Specification

Although currently not feasible, in the past we have attended many site-visits alongside our Distribution Partners. This enables our Business Development Managers to offer their expertise in finding tailored glove solutions with cost-in-use benefits, maximising the site’s productivity and consolidating on the number of products required.

We also have the technical ability to design, bespoke and brand gloves specific to end-user requirements and we can take any project through full testing, conformity and certification.

We are looking forward to getting back out into the field, but until it’s safe to site visit, we are more than happy to discuss any requirements over Zoom, Teams, or any other video platform to help us communicate face-to-face.

If you are interested in any of our products; arranging a site visit; or discussing a product specification; please contact us via the below:

Call – 01653 617718
Email –

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