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Coronavirus Update

China Factory Update

Although factories were expected to resume work on Monday 10th following the extended New Year holiday, this has again been pushed back until at least 17th February due to the continual outbreak of this virus. Once factories are authorised by the central government that they can resume work, they must submit documentation to their local authority for approval, this process is expected to take 5 days. This documentation ensures businesses have implemented expected Health and Safety regulations to reduce the chance of the coronavirus spreading. For example, provide face masks to all staff, have more than 1 month’s supply of masks and hand sanitiser, and take daily temperatures. Factories will only be able to commence production once approval has been received.

Once factory staff starts returning to work, a period of isolation is required before actually resuming their daily tasks.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have explained that it’s very unlikely to contract coronavirus from a surface. According to the CDC, whilst a person can carry the virus for days or even weeks, viruses don’t live long outside the body. This means that if the virus is found on a surface, the lifespan is ‘in the range of hours. Because packages go through several different environments before ending up on a doorstep, which makes them less likely to have survived.

Main Ports

Although the port of Wuhan remains closed, all other main ports in China are operational. However, due to the reduced demand, shipping lines will be reducing sailings until things return to normal.

Effect on Just 1 Source

Although we are holding good levels of stock at present, dependant on the length of time factories remain closed, this will inevitably have an effect on our stocks of Coloursafe, Touchsafe, and Watersafe products. At present, there is no effect on our stock levels of leather as these are manufactured outside of China, but there are certain components supplied from China, therefore, this may also have an impact if the factory closures last for months rather than weeks.

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