The benefits of buying wholesale gloves from a trusted supplier

Sometimes, your hands just won’t cut it. When the temperature is extreme or the terrain tough, you need quality work gloves to protect your skin. After all, no job is worth ruining one of the most important extremities on your entire body. Still, to buy wholesale work gloves without considering certain factors is a mistake. Far too often, consumers purchase low-grade products that have no use whatsoever. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also a costly venture as you’ll need to spend more to buy replacements. That’s why a trusted wholesale supplier is imperative.

Here are the benefits you can expect from Just 1 Source & Supply.


High Quality, Competitive Price

Price is usually what usually prevents people from purchasing top-grade items. Initially a premium price can be daunting, however quality work gloves suited to a job offer many cost-in-use benefits; saving money in the long-term. Here at Just1 Source & Supply Ltd, our range of products is not only fully tested for your benefit but also competitively priced. Plus, we have an incredible reputation within the industry. That means you can trust us to provide you with the best possible gloves at incredibly competitive prices and, because we’re reliable, we’ll do it over and over until you say stop.


Desire to Improve

After three decades of designing and selling wholesale work gloves, it is tempting to assume that the fire might not still be burning. However, 30 years of hard work has only made us more determined to improve and enhance our products. Aside from the knowledge we have accrued from end-users over the years, we have a fantastic customer support team, too. Therefore, when you pick a trusted supplier such as Just 1 Source & Supply, you get access to bespoke designs that are available only to our customers. We’ll continue to innovate for as long as our base chooses us to provide wholesale gloves.


Thoroughly Regulated

Listening to us talk about how our products are superior isn’t going to make you want to buy wholesale work gloves. Let’s face it – the supplier is biased. Still, our boasts aren’t our own – they’re backed up by reputable third-parties. The factories, for instance, are ethical because they are ISO 9001. These certifications mean that we must adhere to quality and consistency processes to ensure gloves are designed properly and workers are treated fairly, with materials ethically sourced. So, please don’t take our word for it, but the word of our satisfied Distribution Partners and the regulators who keep tabs on the industry; only certifying factories that are best in class.


Varied Selection

Of course, a single pair of gloves is never enough. Individuals and businesses need to pick from a varied line of products so that they can accommodate multiple applications. At Just 1 Source & Supply, we have a wide selection of gloves for our customers. Whether it’s our Touchsafe, Gripsafe or Coloursafe gloves, you won’t be disappointed by the ranges on offer. This is only the tip of the iceberg as there are Watersafe gloves and Predator by RON, too. For an extensive overview, please check out the online catalogue on our website.


Registered Safety Supplier

As many of our clients will be aware, Just 1 Source are a Registered Safety Supplier through BSiF (the British Safety Industry Federation), giving our loyal customers and the wearers of our product confidence that the items supplied are fully tested to European regulations… you can read more by clicking: ‘Understanding BSiF’.

Alternatively, you can speak to our friendly sales team by contacting us.

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