Sustainability at Just 1 Source
& Supply Ltd

Strategic Plan

We as many others, are on a journey to improve our ways of working to prevent damage to our environment so that generations to come don’t suffer as a result of our actions. We know and understand that being more sustainable must be a focus within our business and this needs carefully balanced with maintaining our current level of operations, which is why we have a strategic plan in place for 2030.

Sustainability Successes

  • Transitioned over 50% of our vehicles to electric or hybrid.
  • All waste cardboard & plastic is collected and recycled at our Head Office, with WFH staff encouraged to do the same.
  • We partner with Mercator for the production of our disposable range of products, who are considered one of the world leaders for sustainable production in the glove market.
  • All new products from July 2023 will be brought in without plastic in the packaging, with the current ranges transitioning to a plastic free option by the end of 2025.
  • In 2023 we enlisted the help of Positive Planet to measure our Carbon Footprint and begin a Carbon Reduction Strategy.
  • Our Warehouse & Logistics Partner currently have a strategic plan in place to reduce their Carbon Footprint and ensure that waste generated (Plastic/Cardboard/Pallets) is recycled responsibly.
Positive Planet Dashboard

Positive Planet Dashboard for Just 1
(Carbon Footprint Measurement)

Sustainability Improvements

Currently over 75% of our range have plastic packaging, which although is recyclable we want to eliminate plastic from our packaging.

95% of our Containers arrive via standard sea freight methods, with 5% being flown into stock.

Convert all vehicles to hybrid or Electric.

Develop & deliver a range of sustainable products with RPET ahead of 2025.