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The Importance of Winter Gloves

The importance of understanding the hazards in any working environment can’t be undermined. These health risks can be anything from possible cuts, burns or skin disease, but it’s equally essential to assess the different operational climates we face, especially when working externally and specifically in different seasons. Wearing the same style gloves in the

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Providing your Team with the right hand protection

Have you ever wondered if you are providing the right hand protection to safeguard your staff? Does your factory have multiple shop floors requiring different levels of cut protection? Would your company benefit in having a colour-coded hand protection system, that clearly identifies the right glove for the right application? Would you like to

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Changes to guidance on UKCA marking

On the 20th June, the Government amended their guidance on the requirements for UKCA marking across many product sectors including of course PPE.The full guidance can be found by clicking here.The changes are described as “easements” to the previously published guidance in order, in their words, “to further support businesses as they adapt to the

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EN374-1:2016 – Protective Gloves Against Chemicals and Micro-Organisms

The standard EN374 is in place to certify gloves that are designed for use with or around chemical hazards or micro-organisms. As working with chemicals carries an incredibly high risk, gloves certified to this test will all be classified as CAT III. Gloves in this category (CAT III) are to protect against the highest levels

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Update on the New UKCA Marking

What is the UKCA Mark? The UKCA Mark stands for UK Conformity Assessed, and is a certification mark that indicates conformity with the applicable requirements for products sold within Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). This shares similarities to the CE marking; however, this will no longer be suitable for goods in the UK, following

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Are your work gloves putting you at risk?

Safety gloves are designed to protect against various hazards within the workplace. Some types of safety work gloves include: Cut Resistant Gloves Welding Gloves Impact Gloves Needlestick Gloves Grip Gloves Chemical Resistant Gloves Latex Gloves Nitrile Gloves Whilst the main function of wearing these types of products is to keep you safe – your choice

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State of the Art Standards

Work gloves are designed to protect against different hazards inside and outside of the workplace. To ensure that gloves are fit-for-purpose, they undergo various tests, based on the intended use for the product (i.e. gloves being used where cuts are a hazard will need to be tested for cut resistance).As technology advances and processes change,

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The New UKCA Marking

What is the UKCA Marking? On 1st January 2021 product marking in the UK changed as we officially left the EU single market. The UKCA Marking (United Kingdom Conformity Assessed) is the new marking which will be used for goods being placed and sold on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). Following

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