The Importance of Winter Gloves

The importance of understanding the hazards in any working environment can’t be undermined. These health risks can be anything from possible cuts, burns or skin disease, but it’s equally essential to assess the different operational climates we face, especially when working externally and specifically in different seasons. Wearing the same style gloves in the summer may not be practical in the winter. You still have the same health risks, but the additional and possibly prolonged exposure to cold, can hinder a person’s ability to carry out their manual tasks.

Most companies employ Health & Safety Managers to assess the risks associated with the job and will engage support from their PPE provider or manufacturer / importer, such as ourselves at Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd to provide expertise and guidance.

As a specialist importer of industrial work gloves and a sole focus on hand protection, our brand “Predator by Ron” incorporating Coloursafe, Watersafe and Touchsafe has been developed over many years to protect against these hazards, whilst catering for the different seasons we experience in the UK and as a Member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) and on the RSS Registered Safety Supplier scheme, which is audited annually by BSiF to ensure all testing and conformity are in place, Just 1 Source & Supply are reinforcing our aim to keep the UK as one of the world leaders in health & safety in PPE

So, with winter just around the corner and the requisite for thermal protection becoming more prevalent, let’s look at some of the products from our Just 1 Source winter collection:

    • The Predator Winter Power Rigger (RS1C-TH) offers cut level 1 protection under EN388:2016 + A1:2018. Made from top quality split leather. It has a Thinsulate™ liner, a cotton drill cuff and a knit wrist extension to lock in the heat.
    • The Coloursafe Pred WinterPaws (CWP) offers cut level 2 protection under EN388:2016 + A1:2018 and contact cold resistant level 1 under EN511. Made from a 7 gauge thermal acrylic-loop, bright yellow liner. A high quality Latex palm coating with double dipped fingers tips for increased wear and life span. Plus an extended cuff to keep the wrist warm.
    • The Watersafe Pred Baltic (WS4) offers cut level 2 protection under EN388:2016 + A1:2018. Contact cold resistant level 2 and Water Permeability level 1 under EN511. The Baltic has a 15 gauge polyester outer liner with a 7 gauge thermal acrylic-loop inner liner. Fully coated in smooth Latex and finished with a Sandy Latex palm dip.
    • The Watersafe Pred Arctic (WS5) offers cut level “E” protection under EN388:2016 + A1:2018. Contact cold resistant level 2 and Water Permeability level 1 under EN511. The Arctic has a 13 gauge polyester outer liner with a 7 gauge, thermal acrylic-loop, HPPE and steel inner liner. Fully coated smooth Nitrile, with a sandy Nitrile palm dip.

These are just some of the products from the Just 1 Source portfolio, but with a specific mind to help protect outdoor workers from the cold. For more information on the above, why not contact our friendly Sales Team.

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