Introducing the Mercator Ideall® Grip Green

As a specialist importer of industrial work gloves and a sole focus on hand protection, Just 1 Source & Supply Limited have a desire to keep the UK as one of the world leaders in health & safety. Our brand Predator® by Ron incorporates Coloursafe, Watersafe and Touchsafe, sitting perfectly alongside our range of Mercator Disposable and Multi-Use Nitrile gloves.

Today, we are going to look at the newest addition to our portfolio of Mercator products: The Mercator Green Ideall® Grip Multi-Use Nitrile

Ideall Grip Green

The Ideall® Grip Green is a powder free, superior strength 7 mil (8.6-gram) Nitrile glove, with an acceptable quality level (AQL) standard at 1.5.

AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) usually refers to the product’s permeability, absence of holes (gloves), but may also refer to other features such as strength, external appearance. This is also a limit of average permissible faults in the production process. The level determined based on the quantity of defective products in the tested sample. AQL is not expressed as a %. The lower the AQL, the lower the likelihood of a defective product. For medical and protective gloves, the minimum AQL for the absence of holes is 1.5, therefore the Ideall® Grip Green clearly meets the highest standards compared to most of the Disposable gloves that appear in the consumer marketplace.

The revolutionary and clearly visible diamond structure (inside and outside the glove) offers increased traction grip and helps reduce hand fatigue, finished with a beaded cuff to prevent oils or chemicals from contacting the skin.

For additional safety, the bright Green Nitrile colour enables the wearer to see where their hands are in low light or confined spaces.

The Ideall® Grip Green is touch screen friendly and is also suitable with and around food stuffs and at 240mm long is a CAT III type B glove with excellent resistance to viruses, fungi, bacteria, and selected chemicals – currently tested to parts JKPT of EN374-1:2016.

In short, the Ideall® Grip Green is a heavy-duty but lightweight multi-use option, resistant to tearing and mechanical damage and lasts up to 3 times longer than standard Nitrile Disposables, offering significant cost in use savings.

Currently available in sizes M – XXL.

The Ideall® Grip Green is one of four Nitrile products from our Mercator portfolio. Others include:

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