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Introducing the Mercator Ideall® Grip Green

As a specialist importer of industrial work gloves and a sole focus on hand protection, Just 1 Source & Supply Limited have a desire to keep the UK as one of the world leaders in health & safety. Our brand Predator® by Ron incorporates Coloursafe, Watersafe and Touchsafe, sitting perfectly alongside our range of Mercator

Touchscreen Gloves

We live in a digital world with more day-to-day processes involving technology. In many roles touchscreens have become more prevalent and in some cases, they are an essential part of the working practice. This includes print, automotive, retail, logistics, and HSO applications to name a few. Touchscreen gloves enable people within these fields to

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Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Nitrile gloves are more widely used than ever in both industry and simple day-to-day tasks, with gloves often needing to be regularly replaced. Why Nitrile? Up until the early ’90s, Latex was the main option for the manufacturing of disposable gloves however, over the years, Nitrile versions have become more prominent in the market.

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The Colours of Coloursafe

In 2013 we introduced our Coloursafe range of gloves. The Coloursafe range comprises various knitted fabric gloves which feature different coatings to suit various applications. The range features a colour-coded system to allow users and health and safety professionals to immediately identify that the correct level of protection is worn for the task at