The Colours of Coloursafe

In 2013 we introduced our Coloursafe range of gloves. The Coloursafe range comprises various knitted fabric gloves which feature different coatings to suit various applications.

The range features a colour-coded system to allow users and health and safety professionals to immediately identify that the correct level of protection is worn for the task at hand…

Whilst the red – orange – green concept is widely known in the hand protection field to identify the cut protection, when the ISO13997 test was introduced to reflect high-pressure cut resistance, we added a blue range to continue the colour coded system.

Red Liner – Low Cut Level

We have 6 different red-liner gloves which are all suited to tasks with low cut-level risks. The liners of these products are made with polyester, spandex or nylon threads – so contain minimal cut-resistant fibres.

Our Cut Level 1 gloves include the Pred Ruby (PU), Pred Scarlet (Smooth Nitrile), Pred Cardinal (Nitrile Foam), Pred Atlantic (Latex Foam), and Pred Sensor (PolyMAX™).

The Pred Ruby is also available in all black (the Pred Jet) to suit our customers preferring the traditional black liner, but still fits within this range.

Yellow/Orange – Low-Mid Cut Level

Gloves within this range all feature a latex variation coating, whether this is crinkle or sandy.

The first 3 in the range are the Pred Paws, Pred Winter Paws and Pred Amber, which all feature an orange crinkle latex palm coating, offering great grip properties. These gloves are made using breathable yarn knitted liners – albeit all made from different materials.

Also within this range fits the Pred Clover – this is the same glove as the Amber but features a green coating. The yellow yarn liner however remains the same.

Another glove within our low-mid cut level range is the Pred Baltic – a thermal and waterproof orange glove, fully coated with smooth orange latex and finished with a black sandy latex palm dip offering superb wet or dry suction grip.

Green Liner – Mid Cut Level (previously Cut Level 5)

The green lined cut resistant gloves were previously at the top of the range, achieving cut level 5 under EN388:2003. When the ISO13997 test was introduced under the EN388:2016 revision, these gloves were subjected to the new test achieving a cut level C, which is now our mid-range of the cut protection scale. You will find a similar story with cut 5 gloves industry-wide, as the new testing is far more robust to reflect the improved technology in hand protection.

We can still confirm that the cut 5 certification on these products is still valid, for projects with a cut level 5 specification requirement.

The green mid-cut level gloves include 5 different options and feature various different coatings to suit a range of applications.

This includes the Pred Emerald (PU), Pred Mint (Nitrile Foam), Pred Pine (Smooth Nitrile), Pred Pacific (Latex Foam) and the Pred Contact (PolyMAX™).

Blue Liner – High-Pressure Cut Level

When the new cut level system ISO13997 was introduced, we added the blue range to our coding system to enable users and health and safety professionals to see when high-pressure cut protection gloves were being used.

Out Blue gloves range from cut level D to the maximum cut level F and include the Pred Arctic (Cut D – Latex Foam), and Pred Impact (Cut F – PolyMAX™).

Also within the High-Pressure cut level range, but not following the blue theme you will find the Pred Power Paws – a cut level E crinkle latex glove in yellow and orange. It falls nicely into our Paws range (although the markings on the back of the hand are in blue to follow the blue colour scheme), but with the inclusion of Aramid fibre in the liner (Aramid fibres are produced in yellow).

That finishes all the colour coded products in the range. If there are any you are interested in or if you would like further clarification on the colour coded system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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