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Gloves made to Fit

Gloves made to Fit

Whether you are looking for Cut Resistant Gloves, Rigger Gloves, Waterproof Gloves, Mig Welding Gauntlets, or any other Work Glove from our complete range, wearing the correct sized gloves is arguably as important as wearing gloves at all. This is because poorly fitting gloves can put you at a higher risk or injury…

To put into context: you wouldn’t wear trousers 3 inches too long; or wear shoes 2 sizes too small… and the reason being, because they are not made to fit!
Wearing over/undersized gloves can complicate your job, and affect the outcome of the task in hand. They can be cumbersome, cause frustration and, most importantly, increase the risk of being caught or tangled in moving parts and machinery.

With an increase in women working within industrial sectors and the rise in apprenticeship workers; through the years we have seen an increase in the number of smaller sized gloves sold.

At Just 1 Source, all of our Coloursafe, Watersafe, Touchsafe, and Gripsafe gloves are available in size 8-10 (as standard), with the most popular lines catering for sizes 7 and 11.

Gloves are measured in accordance with the European Standard, EN420.

Firstly, gloves are measured by length; being measured by suspending from the middle finger with a graduated ruler, with a rounded tip designed to fit the tip of the finger. The glove is manipulated to remove wrinkles or folds before the minimum length is recorded. EN420 includes a list of minimal lengths (per size). Gloves that fit into the respective size bracket are then graded. Some specialist gloves may sit below/above the list in the standard but can still be sized accordingly, so long as the manufacturer can prove the product is fit for purpose.

The second test is physical and carried out by wearing the glove. Gloves are fitted on a hand of the size they are intended to fit, and the wearer makes comments regarding the fit, feel, and dexterity they have.

How to find your hand size?

To find your hand size, you can either measure from the tip of your finger to the wrist, or across the palm area of your dominant hand (without measuring the thumb). The measurement in cm gives an indication of the size required (i.e. 10 cm span would suggest you require a size 10).

If you are between sizes, we would recommend rounding down to avoid overhanging fingertips or loose palms.

With all that said, all manufacturers’ sizes can/may differ slightly, and the style of glove and fabrics used can also impact the sizing.

Spandex Gloves

Spandex and Nylon are often added to gloves, to allow the product to ‘hug’ the hand with a snug, secure, and comfortable feel. All products within our The Touchsafe range (the Sensor, Contact, Midas, and Impact gloves) contain Nylon and Spandex to do exactly that, providing a ‘second-skin’ feel to allow you to do your job to the best ability whilst wearing the correct level of safety required.

Whatever your size, you can rest assured that Just 1 Source will have the correct protection to suit you and the task in hand. If you wish to contact sales for more information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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