Do’s and Don’t When Choosing the Right Glove

Safety gloves can be a confusing field, with so many suppliers offering different styles and materials, all claiming different benefits. This can make choosing the correct glove a complicated process so we’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts to help to make this much simpler.


Completing a risk assessment

Risk assessments are key when employees are performing any tasks which carry a level of risk, and understanding the associated risks can make choosing the right glove far easier.

Once you know which safety elements are required (i.e. cut protection, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, impact protection etc) you have already significantly narrowed down the available options.

At Just 1 Source, we regularly assist in performing risk assessments with both distributors and end-users, offering our expertise to offer the best tailored glove solution.

Use samples to complete trials

Often you may feel that you have found the perfect glove but have found they are not suitable for the task in hand when they are introduced to the workforce (pardon the pun!).

To eliminate the risk of this costly learning-curve, it is essential that you request samples for your team to trial.

We are more than happy to provide samples for this purpose, and suggest that you put together a feedback form for your workers to complete, so that you can find the best solution once the data is assessed.

Speak to manufacturers

Distributors who supply hand protection often have tens or hundreds of other lines which they stock and, as we cannot be experts in everything, they may not always have the soundest advice where hand protection is concerned.

For this reason, it may be worth considering speaking to a glove specialist (like ourselves) direct. Whilst we do not trade with end-users, we are always more than happy to help where we can – providing advice on hand safety solutions and even putting you in touch with a suitable distributor.

Always review your hand protection

We are never amazed to hear the number of companies who have used the same product for the last 10 years plus, but employers and health and safety advisors should regularly be reviewing the protection on offer.

This is because, whilst specific gloves may have worked well for you previously, advances in glove technology mean that there is more than likely a better solution available, which could show real cost-in-use benefits.


Let workers choose their own gloves

Quite often, employers give workers the option of wearing hand protection, passing the onus of what is worn to the user (if anything at all).

As an employer however, it is your responsibility to be keeping your staff safe at work and, if you are not providing adequate protection, you could be liable if something goes wrong.

In letting workers choose their own gloves, it can also become very difficult to know the level of protection they are using. For example, they may be using a low cut level glove they find most comfortable when really, they require a high level of cut resistance.

At Just 1 Source, people love our coated products as we colour-code based on the level of safety offered, giving heath and safety officers a clear indication (at first glance) that the correct safety measures are been taken.

Always choose what’s readily available

Sometimes you may not be able to find a glove that is suited to the risks that the application carries, so companies just choose whatever they deem fit that is readily available.

This can leave your workers at risk of injury, and so you should always look at a different strategy, such as a bespoke option.

We have incredibly advanced bespoke facilities which allow the opportunity to design a glove specific to your requirements (which we could help define through a risk assessment) and, not only would you be left with a custom product, you could also mark with your own company logo (great brand awareness if your staff are working amongst the public or outside!).

Choose the cheapest option

As we all know, just because something is cheap does not make it good. With the phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ in mind; a common misconception is that the value of a product is defined by price when really, it is so much more.

Focusing on cost-in-use, we look at quality, consistency, longevity and effectiveness of our work gloves – having used the same factories from the beginning, and not shopping around for a cheaper price on an inferior product.

Adopt a ‘One-Size Fits All’ approach

Often a company will have more than one department, with different tasks posing different levels of risk. It is therefore imperative that employers and health and safety officers do not aim for a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Remember, the likelihood of finding a glove suitable to all applications is slim-to-none and, more often than not, following this strategy will have a negative impact on productivity and safety across all jobs. So, whilst it may be easier to buy just one glove and hope for the best, in reality, each risk should be catered for separately.

Hopefully the above will help you when trying to locate the right product for you, but if you would like any assistance in finding your right glove solution, please contact us using the below!

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