Top 5 Gloves for Construction

Top 5 Gloves for Construction Workers

With aspects of the country-wide lockdown being eased, many construction workers within the UK are returning to work; whilst respecting social distancing guidelines.

It is imperative that workers are provided with the correct PPE to enable them to remain both safe and productive on-site. See our top 5 recommended products for construction and site work below:

Top 5 Gloves for Construction (images)

1. Signature Tiger Rigger

The Signature Tiger Rigger is a heavy-duty split leather rigger glove with a double-layer leather palm and thumb – the Signature Tiger Rigger is renowned throughout the PPE industry for its superior quality and consistency. Like the other riggers in our portfolio, the Signature Tiger Rigger contains a 100% cotton liner across the palm and fingers for enhanced comfort. The double-layer leather palm and thumb provides cushion and padding – great for when moving large and/or heavy items. In having a hi-vis strip across the knuckles, you also benefit from increased visibility on site. Other features of the Signature Tiger Rigger include a heavy-duty cotton drill backing, leather vein and knuckle patches for additional protection, and a durable rubberised cuff.

2. Pred Paws

The Pred Paws is a 5 strand polycotton work glove with an orange crinkle latex palm coating, and double dipped finger-tips to provide extra wear properties. The Pred Paws offers great abrasion resistance and is loved by building and construction companies throughout the UK for its great grip; lightweight, breathability; diversity; and longevity. The Pred Paws is also cut level 2 under EN388:2016 and cut level B under ISO19337, offering a level of cut resistance for added confidence when working on site.

3. Pred Atlantic

The Pred Atlantic is the first in our Watersafe Range of gloves. The Atlantic is made up of a 13 gauge polyester liner, which is dual-coated in high-quality latex. The first layer of Smooth Latex waterproofs the glove to the wrist, whilst the Sandy Latex palm finish provides superb wet and dry suction grip. This all-seasons solution is a ‘must-have’ for your portfolio – reducing down time to remove and change wet gloves; minimising hand fatigue; showing real cost-in-use benefits when used on site.

4. Pred Amber

The Pred Amber is a 2 strand polycotton work glove with an orange crinkle latex palm coating. The Pred Amber is also loved by building and construction companies throughout the UK, being a slightly cheaper alternative to the upgraded Pred Paws. The Amber is cut level 1 under EN388:2016 and cut level A under ISO19337; offering great grip and abrasion resistance whilst being both breathable and dexterous.

5. Pred Impact

The Pred Impact is a 18 gauge cut level F liner. Compromising of nylon, spandex, HPPE, and TekArmor thread – the Pred Impact achieves maximum level of cut resistance under EN388:2016. The Impact is palm coated in revolutionary PolyMAX, which boasts a vast range of benefits: click here for more information on PolyMAX. The Pred Impact features a padded palm for cushioning when carrying large and/or heavy items; an additional thumb-crutch for increased wear properties; TPR impact protection of the back of hand – perfect for handling/lifting scaffolding poles, machinery, slabs, and such objects; and reflective branding for increased visibility. The Pred Impact is also tested for use up to 250oC. The ‘all-rounded’ 360o breathable Pred Impact could be used for most tasks on site.


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