Which Welding Gauntlet do you need?

When doing any sort of work, it is important to make sure you wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE). If you don’t, you could find yourself in a lot of pain! Plus, as an employer, if you do not ensure that all of your workers wear the right PPE, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

When it comes to welding, gloves are a necessity. This is because hot welding sparks can damage the skin. It is important, therefore, to protect your wrists and forearms. Materials must be considered with care to ensure the gloves act as a protective shield. With that being said, read on to discover more about four types of leather gauntlets that are ideal for welding.

Lighting Mig Gloves

These premium quality gauntlets offer sheer comfort and safety. They boast heat resistance thanks to the material used and the turned cuff and black welting, which protect the stitching from heat too. This ensures these gloves last for a long time despite excessive use. Not only are they useful for welding but also agriculture, utilities, metal handling, and fabrication too. This glove is available in various sizes.

Signature Mig gloves

Next, we have Signature Mig gauntlets. These gloves are of exceptional quality. They are leather heavy-duty MIG gauntlet gloves. They feature an added layer of leather across the thumb and palm, providing enhanced padding and protection. There is heat resistant stitching as well. The fingers and hand area are also lined with 100 percent cotton, which offers extra comfort and heat resistance too. The turned cuff and black welting protect the stitching from heat too. The signature Mig is also available in 14 or 16inchs, with left and right handed pairs available.

Reversible Mig Gloves

Next, we have the Reversible Mig gauntlets, which have been designed with a clever, ergonomic design, which means the glove can be worn on either hand. The turned cuff and black welting protect the stitching from heat, which means that the gloves are designed for extensive periods of time. The fingers and hand area are also lined with 100 percent cotton for further heat resistance and comfort.

Deerskin Tig Gloves

Finally, we have the Deerskin Tig Gauntlets. These gloves boast a robust split leather cuff. They also have an additional leather thumb crutch. They have been designed with ergonomics at the forefront, with a straight thumb to aid control and dexterity. Longevity is also enhanced by the resistant Twaron heat stitching, as well as the lining across the fingers and palm, which is made with 100 percent cotton, providing further comfort and heat resistance.

As you can see, all of these gloves have qualities that make them ideal for welding. If you are looking for the perfect welding gloves, you will not be disappointed with the four options that have been mentioned above. With varied colours and leathers, depending on which glove you choose.