Suggested Gloves for Logistics and Warehousing

Suggested Gloves for Logistics and Warehousing

Within a logistics firm, there are a plethora of roles and responsibilities which could include: packing, loading, warehousing, and driving.

Each task can present a different risk, and so it is important to ensure that staff is equipped with the correct protection to assist them in completing their work to the best of their ability, whilst staying safe at all times.

See below a selection of products which we have had success stories from, within the transport sector:

Gloves for use in logistics/warehousing

Warehousing, Loading, and Driver’s Gloves

Pred Ruby

The Pred Ruby is a red, 13 gauge polyester work glove with a PU palm coating – perfect for all low risk general handling tasks such as warehousing, packaging, light site-work and more. The Pred Ruby is a low cost product which offers great dexterity and breathability, and is generally used to keep your hands clean. That said, the Pred Ruby’s PU palm coating offers great dry grip and has good resistance to light oils. On top of this, the Pred Ruby offers great abrasion and tear resistance (maximum score of 4), and achieves cut level 1 under EN388:2016 and cut level A under ISO19337. We also stock the Ruby in all-black: see Pred Jet.

Predator Gold Drivers Glove

The Predator Gold Drivers Glove is a size 10, traditional hide driver-style glove, with a 100% cotton liner for enhanced comfort. The Predator Gold Drivers Glove is ergonomically designed with a key-hole thumb for ease of use and to allow free movement of the hand – this is a great added bonus when picking up, handling, or moving objects on-site. See our Pred Baltic under the ‘thermal glove solutions’ for a modern day alternative to this style of glove.

Pred Atlantic

The Pred Atlantic is the first in our Watersafe Range of gloves. The Atlantic is made up of a 13 gauge polyester liner, which is dual-coated in high-quality latex. The first layer of Smooth Latex waterproofs the glove to the wrist, whilst the Sandy Latex palm finish provides superb wet and dry suction grip. This all-seasons solution is a ‘must-have’ for your portfolio – reducing downtime to remove and change wet gloves; minimising hand fatigue; showing real cost-in-use benefits when used on-site. See our Pred Baltic under the ‘thermal glove solutions’ for our thermal alternative.

Predator Power Rigger

The Predator Power Rigger is a great quality split-leather rigger glove with strong red cotton-drill backing fabric. The Predator Power Rigger is a glove loved by forklift drivers and people working in the warehouse. The Predator Power Rigger features a 100& cotton liner on the palm and fingers for added comfort, and is finished with a durable rubberised cuff.

Thermal Glove Solutions

Pred Baltic

The Pred Baltic is our thermal alternative to the Pred Atlantic. Whilst the dual-latex coating remains the same, the Pred Baltic also features a dual-liner (including a thermal acrylic loop inner liner). The Pred Baltic is tested to contact cold level 2 and also achieves cut level 2 under EN388:2016 – giving a little extra confidence to the user when working in lower temperatures and handling objects. The Pred Baltic’s thermal liner also results in a level of padding on the palm which is perfect for when working with tension straps and handling goods. This modern alternative to the traditional driver’s glove is a best-seller for Just 1 Source and, after use in adverse weather, your staff won’t know how they managed without them!

Gloves with Touchscreen Capabilities

Pred Sensor

The Pred Sensor is a 15 gauge nylon and spandex blend liner, palm coated in revolutionary PolyMAX which boasts a vast range of benefits: click here for more information on PolyMAX. The Pred Sensor offers 360o breathability and has incredibly high abrasion resistance. This glove is not only perfect for handling goods in the warehouse/around the yard but is also a preferred choice by delivery drivers due to its touchscreen capabilities. This means that the wearer can keep clean and safe whilst using an e-pod with ease, as gloves do not need to be removed. The Pred Sensor is cut level 1 under EN388:2016 but we do have other cut levels available within the Touchsafe range… see Touchsafe Gloves for more information.

Gloves for late night workers

Hi-Vis Rigger

The Hi-Vis Rigger is a bright orange, heavy-duty split leather rigger glove with a double-layer leather palm and thumb. With the purpose of keeping you safe and seen; the Hi-Vis Rigger is loved by logistics firms throughout the UK. Not only does the cotton-lined palm provide great comfort for the user; the padded effect of the double-palm offers cushion and padding – great for when loading/unloading and for working with tension straps. The Hi-Vis Rigger features a reflective strip on the back of the hand, keeping you visible on-site when working at night. Other features of the Hi-Vis Rigger include a bright orange, heavy-duty cotton drill back; leather vein and knuckle patches for additional protection; and a durable rubberised cuff.

Testimonial from Paul McLaren, MD of YDL Logistics:

“Since changing to Predator work gloves, our spend has decreased for PPE, as the products last longer than our previous supplier. Our staff prefer the fit and feel of the gloves that means they are happy to wear these products. Saving money and keeping the workforce safe is essential to YDL in the transport sector.”


If you are interested in purchasing any of our suggested for logistics and warehousing or would like any further information on these products, you can contact us via the below:

Call – 01653 617718
Email – sales@just1source.com

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