The Colours of Coloursafe

The Colours of Coloursafe

Similar to many UK glove suppliers, at Just 1 Source, we use a colour coded safety system to signify the level of protection our knitted/coated products offer. These coloured liners provide both the wearer and/or health and safety officers with an immediate indication that the user is wearing the correct level of protection for the task in hand.

At present we have 4 colours – these signify:

  • Low Cut Level Gloves
  • Low to Mid Cut Level Gloves
  • Mid to High Cut Level Gloves
  • High Pressure Cut Level Gloves

This blog will explain what each colour category has to offer, the products which fit within, and the one which broke the trend!

RED – Low Cut Level Gloves

Gloves with a RED liner (or a BLACK liner in the case of the Pred Jet) are all either Cut Level 1 under EN388:2016 or Cut Level A under EN ISO13997:2016. Our Cut Level 1 or A gloves come with a range of coating options, from Smooth Nitrile to Polyurethane; PolyMAX™, and more. This enables the range to suit a multitude of general handling or low-risk tasks, such as construction, warehousing, general handling, automotive, utilities, wet and dry applications, and more.

Our RED Cut Level 1 or A gloves include the Pred Ruby, Pred Jet, Pred Scarlet, Pred Cardinal, Pred Sensor, and the Pred Atlantic.

ORANGE – Low to Mid Cut Level Gloves

The liners of Low to Mid Cut Level gloves range from cream tones to orange, to yellow – this is due to different fibres and blends used within the fabric to create the liner. To alleviate any confusion, these gloves are all coated with the same ORANGE colour coating (with exception to the Pred Baltic – a bright orange glove with a black sandy palm finish). These gloves offer an additional level of Cut Protection, including Cut Level 2 Gloves under EN388:2016 and Cut Level B Gloves under EN ISO13997:2016. This range of gloves compromises of different styles and finishes of latex coating – from crinkle to sandy – which each offer individual benefits.

Our ORANGE Cut Level 2 or B gloves include the Pred Paws, the Pred Winter Paws, and Pred Baltic.

This range is well suited to site work, warehousing, scaffolding, infrastructure, highway maintenance, cold stores, general handling, wet and dry applications, refrigeration areas, and more.

The Odd One Out – the Pred Amber!

The Pred Amber features a YELLOW liner and an ORANGE latex coating. This product previously tested a Cut Level 2 under EN388:2003 however, when the product was retested under the 2016 revision, the Pred Amber achieved Cut Level 1 under EN388:2016 and Cut Level A under EN ISO13997:2016.

GREEN – Mid to High Cut Level Gloves

Gloves with a GREEN liner are all Cut Level C under EN ISO13997:2016. The GREEN colours do vary slightly dependant on the liner, however, they all signify the same strength of the fibre. Our Cut Level C gloves come with a variation of coatings – ranging from Polyurethane to PolyMax™, to Nitrile Foam and more – to suit various different working environments. Applications include glass and waste management industries, assembly/fitting, glass and metal handling, general handling requiring cut protection, fabrication, and more.

Our Cut Level C gloves include the Pred Emerald, Pred Mint, Pred Pine, Pred Pacific, and Pred Contact.

These gloves (with the exception of the Contact which was introduced post EN ISO13997:2016) were all previously tested as Cut Level 5 under EN388:2003. It was at re-testing, when EN ISO13997:2016 was introduced, that certification changed to Cut Level C. This now reflects the force required behind the cut, as opposed to the number of times a blade can be run over the fabric, giving a truer reflection of the protection in hand.

BLUE – High-Pressure Cut Level Gloves

Our BLUE gloves represent the highest level of resistance in our portfolio, with these gloves achieving either Cut Levels E or F. Cut Level F is the highest score achievable under EN ISO13997:2016, representing a minimum force of 3.05kg.

Gloves within this range include the Pred Midas (Cut Level F with a PolyMAX™ coating), Pred Impact (Cut Level F with a PolyMAX™ coating), and our latest addition – the Pred Power Paws (Cut Level E and Contact Heat Level 2 with a crinkle latex coating).

These gloves are suited to applications such as high-pressure cut applications, steel and glassworks, metal fabrication, demolition, gas and oil industries, extrication, and more.

If you are interested more information on the above or ordering any of our knitted/coated gloves, you can contact us via the below:

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