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Providing your Team with the right hand protection

Have you ever wondered if you are providing the right hand protection to safeguard your staff? Does your factory have multiple shop floors requiring different levels of cut protection? Would your company benefit in having a colour-coded hand protection system, that clearly identifies the right glove for the right application? Would you like to

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Changes to guidance on UKCA marking

On the 20th June, the Government amended their guidance on the requirements for UKCA marking across many product sectors including of course PPE.The full guidance can be found by clicking here.The changes are described as “easements” to the previously published guidance in order, in their words, “to further support businesses as they adapt to the

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Understand Ramadan through the eyes of Shely

Shely is an Office Administrator at Just 1 Source & Supply. As a colleague of Shely, we wanted to understand a bit more about Shely’s faith and Ramadan. Please read on to understand Ramadan through the eyes of Shely: What does Ramadan mean to your family? Ramadan is very special for us - it comes

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Our Service Provider Partners

Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd are proud to be identified within the Health & Safety Industry as one of the leading lights in hand protection technology. With a passion for customer care and our well-recognised “Predator by Ron” brand www.just1source.com, it was important for us to choose providers who share our philosophy for quality

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Exhibitions and Trade Shows are a tremendous platform for us at Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd, as they give us the opportunity to showcase our Predator products and promote our services. We can meet with existing customers to build stronger Partnerships and forge new connections, all within a tailored environment. They give us the

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Our Drop Ship Portal

January marks the 1st anniversary since the launch of our Drop Ship platform and we are absolutely delighted with its success. The Drop Ship portal facilitates purchases from as little as a single pair, so enables you to sell the full Predator range without having to physically stock them all whilst helping you to drive

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HSE Annual Summary 2021

Last month, the Health and Safety Executive published their latest annual Health and Safety Summary. This report includes key facts and statistics which relate to various aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace, looking at topics such as injuries, mental health, and sickness. For the first time, the 2021 edition reports on COVID-19, measuring

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A Review of our Working Procedures

As we try to move out of Covid, Just 1 Source have adapted to the many changes in our working practices. New routines and social distancing have required a full reconstruction of the way we operate as a business, including how we communicate with our colleagues and our customers. When lockdown stopped face-to-face meetings, we

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Understanding Glove Gauges

The hand protection industry can appear a bit of a mind-field, with so many different standards and features to consider. Understanding each part individually can make the process of choosing the correct glove far simpler. One term you may see or hear often is ‘gauge’, but do you know what this means or how it

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