Trading Direct with Asia

It’s no secret that Just 1 Source & Supply Ltd is recognised as one of the major suppliers of working gloves in to the PPE industry, but did you know we also have the technical ability to design bespoke products for any type of application. We take them through full conformity testing and certification. It’s a service that more and more of our customers are taking advantage of. When you weigh up the time, money and potential issues trading directly with Asia, it’s no wonder many choose to trade through Just 1 Source. We take away the pain and hassle, saving time and energy, that can be better directed to other areas of your business.

How do you get started trading direct with Asia?

There are 3 main options:

  1. You can visit the factories yourself, but how do you find and trust them?
  2. You can hire an Agent and hope to build a long-distance relationship.
  3. You can speak to Just 1 Source, a company that regularly visits it’s factories as part of their essential sourcing responsibilities and has built strong working relationships over many years.

Just 1 Source understands the whole supply chain and is committed to identify and address any risks to human rights and ensures compliance with existing and future environmental legislation.

Costs and potential issues trading directly with Asia

There are so many costs including, sourcing goods, certification compliance, commercial invoice, documentation, packaging, export licenses. Customs formalities, pre-carriage/delivery, loading charges, pre-shipment charges, import formalities, duties, etc.

On arrival, what happens if there is a problem due to quality, sizing or shortages, who sorts it? What happens when you run short of a style or a product size, do you order another container? and how long does a container actually last, is it 6 weeks or possibly 6 months?

The solution

There is a solution. Give Just 1 Source a call, so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, then tailor the best cost-effective solution for you. We offer full or part containers, or it may be better and more cost-effective to utilise our schedules services (you will be pleasantly surprised with our minimum order requirements). We can then guarantee the stock and price over an agreed time period and we will hold the emergency stock for you.

If the above is of interest to you, please just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Call – 01653 617718
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