Gripsafe Blue: back and better than ever!

Our Gripsafe Blue is back in stock and better than ever!

Following the influx of orders for our Gripsafe Range during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were left out of stock of Gripsafe Blue for a short period of time.

You will be pleased to hear that the Gripsafe Blue is back in stock, and with another test under its belt as well!

In accordance with EN1149-2:1997 (EN16350:2014), the Gripsafe Blue is now tested for Electrostatic Properties (Vertical Resistance)… but what exactly does this mean?

Electrostatic Properties (Vertical Resistance) – what is EN16350:2014?

EN16350:2014 is a standard introduced to ensure that there are protective work gloves available which do not accumulate static electricity or ‘electro-static discharge (ESD)’. This is because not only can electrostatic discharge damage electronics and equipment, it can also result in injury to workers.

The test for EN16350:2014 comes under section 2 (vertical resistance) of EN1149-2:1997 – electrostatic properties. The test certifies that the product in question does not channel or store electrostatic charge and, instead, this energy dissipates.

Why and where is EN16350:2014 necessary?

In ATEX zones (where the ATmosphere is considered EXplosable), sparks caused by a discharge of electric/static energy can be released from an object, which subsequently has the ability to generate an explosion. The standard also takes into consideration requirements regarding protective work gloves in both flammable and explosive areas.

ATEX zones are split into 4 zones: 1, 2, 21, and 22. These are defined by the level of risk and the considered variable – see below:

  • ATEX Zone 1: High risk gas/vapour
  • ATEX Zone 2: Medium Irisk gas/vapour
  • ATEX Zone 21: High risk powder/dust
  • ATEX Zone 22: Medium risk power/dust

Examples of ATEX zones include (but are not limited to):

  • Chemical plants
  • Flour mills
  • Food and equipment manufacturing areas

How does the Gripsafe Blue score?

The Gripsafe Blue passed all tests carried out under EN16350:2014 – resulting in a pass certificate (awarded by Satra Technology Centre Limited – notified body number 2777). Click here to download the new data sheet.

If you would like more information on EN16530:2014, the Gripsafe Blue, or any other products in our portfolio; you are welcome to contact us via the below:

Call – 01653 617718
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