The importance of Hi-Vis Rigger gloves

Rigger gloves are some of the best options for a multitude of functions. Whether you are a rigger or cable puller, or simply want an ideal pair of gloves for home construction, warehouse work, or various industries including oil & gas drilling, mining, marine operation, and fishing, rigger gloves are notoriously used for the protection they provide your hands while also being incredibly durable long-term.

High-quality rigger gloves will protect you from injuries

If you’ve ever been punctured by steel wire edges or pieces that come loose, you know the importance of having high-quality gloves. Most rigger gloves provide a thick cotton or rubber palm that makes it difficult for tiny wires to penetrate, and are ultra-protective for knuckles.

Visibility matters

What you might not always consider though is the importance of high visibility while being at work, especially when protecting your hands. When protecting your hands though, visibility matters! If you work on busy streets or in dangerous areas at night, such as road construction, you want to be as obvious as possible to any potential passersby, especially when waving traffic through. With hi-vis gloves, you reduce the chance of not being seen. If you’re an emergency worker, being seen is key to maintaining your safety.

Hi-vis rigger gloves come in bright options like safety lime or orange, and also are available for both day and night time versions. Nightime hi-vis rigger gloves include reflective material so that car lights or other light beams can more easily pick up on these materials.

Not just for the “dangerous” jobs

Even if you do not have a typical dangerous job, you can make the most out of hi-vis rigger gloves. If you a delivery driver, bus driver, or work in logistics, the bright colored comfortable gloves can be a great way to signal to other drivers with a slight wave of the hand. Whether you’re signaling you need to merge a lane, or simply waving “thanks,” other drivers will be able to see your hands more easily with the hi-vis gloves.

Comfort is key

One huge benefit of wearing rigger gloves, rather than a generic leather glove, is that they are an optimal choice for a variety of work and extreme conditions. Rigger gloves are made for gripping, lifting, pulling, and carrying with reinforced material at key wear areas where a traditional leather glove would tend to wear out first. They’re also considered relatively comfortably immediately and do not take a lot of wear to get them broken down for your hands.

From rubber cuffs to velcro-tightened options, you’re sure to find a hi-vis rigger glove perfect for you and your job, while maintaining optimal comfort so you can perform your job without discomfort. Safety, durability, and comfort are three reasons why hi-vis rigger gloves may be the best choice for your work.

Your safety matters! Keep in mind that the visibility of your gloves will decrease once they reach the maximum number of washes as noted on the label, and will need to be replaced at that point. Other environmental factors may also play into the life of the hi-vis rigger gloves, such as higher elevations, warm climates, or very dirty work.

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