Waterproof Gloves

Predator Waterproof Gloves – your all-seasons solution

If your customers have a need for waterproof gloves, look no further than us! Our waterproof gloves are suited to a wide variety of tasks, keeping workers comfortable and safe on the job. Just 1 Source is home to 8 different waterproof gloves which all carry different levels of protection, suited to different tasks. No matter the application, Just 1 Source will have a solution for your business!

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Watersafe: waterproof work gloves for all your needs


Whether it’s Cut Protection, Thermal Properties, Grip Performance, or just a dry hand you need, the Watersafe Range has you covered.

The waterproof Watersafe Range of gloves are fully coated to waterproof to the wrist, with a sandy palm finish providing superb wet or dry suction grip.

In using waterproof gloves, your hands will be happier and so will your wallet, with fewer gloves being replaced early for being wet, uncomfortable, and cumbersome.

Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves


It’s one thing being dry, but sometimes being warm is just as important. That’s why we offer both thermal and waterproof glove solutions as part of our Watersafe Range.

The Watersafe Pred Baltic is the first of two options we have available – offering cut level 2 protection, made using a 7 gauge acrylic-loop liner. The thermal Watersafe Pred Baltic is fully coated in smooth latex to waterproof to the wrist and features a sandy palm finish, for that superb grip which the Watersafe Range is known and loved for.

The Watersafe Pred Arctic is the newest addition to the Watersafe Range, launching in 2021 with a strong differential to the current Watersafe family. Rather than a latex coating, the Watersafe Pred Arctic is coated in high-quality nitrile offering hard-wearing properties, but not compromising on the suction grip offered throughout the range.

The Watersafe Pred Arctic also offers Cut Level E protection and is a great alternative for those suffering from latex allergies.

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PRED4-16 Pair Safety Gloves

Waterproof and splashproof multi-use nitrile gloves


Whether you working with mechanics, plumbing, or drainage, waterproof work gloves will be the go-to tool you can’t go without. Waterproof and splash-resistant gloves have become invaluable in the recent pandemic, with disposable nitrile gloves becoming borderline impossible to locate. For those who require splash-resistant and waterproof nitrile gloves for the medical and hospitality sectors, Just 1 Source have the Ideall® Grip Multi-Use Nitrile Gloves available for sale now.

Available in Orange or Black, our Ideall® Grip Multi-Use Nitrile Gloves are fully waterproof, perfect for keeping your hands clean for a multitude of tasks. The Ideall® Grip features a raised grip on the inner and outer of the product for great traction grip and to stop the glove from sticking to the hand, aiding perspiration and breathability. The Ideall® Grip Multi-Use Nitrile Gloves also offer chemical resistance and feature a beaded cuff to prevent liquids from rolling down the glove and making contact with skin.

The Gripsafe Blue is a heavy-duty 40mm long nitrile glove with a flock liner for increased comfort. This 15mil thick 400mm long gauntlet is perfect for drainage and plumbing – also offering abrasion and chemical resistance.

Waterproof Work Gloves for Agriculture and Landscaping


Keeping your garden tidy or re-landscaping scenery doesn’t have to leave you with dirty hands. Our top-seller, the Watersafe Pred Atlantic is the perfect lightweight waterproof glove solution to keep your hands clean and in as good nick as your garden! So whether you’re washing the car, cleaning the windows, or pruning bushes, the Watersafe Pred Atlantic is the only glove you need in your armoury.

The Pred PVC is another much-loved all-round solution for household and garden jobs such as cleaning guttering and clearing garden waste.

For the finest waterproof work gloves ideal for garden use, look no further than Just 1 Source.

PRED4-16 Pair Safety Gloves