Heavy-duty Rigger Gloves to take on any task

Our Predator by Ron® range of Rigger Gloves are designed for the hardest workers

The Predator Rigger Gloves, here at Just 1 Source, are ready to keep hands safe and supported throughout the toughest tasks.

From rigging cables to heavy lifting and general handling; our leather rigger gloves have you covered. All of our leather rigger gloves for sale feature additional pieces of leather across the knuckles and wrist, ensuring these vital areas are fully protected.

Heavy-Duty Leather Rigger Gloves, available now

Introducing the Industry-Famous Signature Tiger Rigger Glove

Serving as a prime example of the premium quality split leather rigger gloves you’ll find in the Predator by Ron® range; the Signature Tiger Rigger Glove has a double-palm for hard-wearing protection – offering a level of padding in heavy-handling. This rigger glove also features a hi-vis strip across the additional leather on the knuckle, as well as housing a 100% cotton liner for increased comfort. These user-favourite rigger gloves are renowned for their endurance and protection, and their elasticated back and rubberised cuff provide a secure fit for all.

For a quintessential, premium rigger glove – the Signature Tiger Rigger Glove is all you need.

Thermal rigger glove to keep you Safe and Warm

Heavy-duty Predator thermal rigger glove available in the UK

Our Predator Winter Power Rigger Glove is purpose-built to keep hands as safe as they are warm during a variety of applications, with a Thinsulate® liner providing unparalleled thermal support, and a knit wrist to lock in heat.

These thermal rigger gloves make no compromise on the support and safety you would expect, with the same leather knuckle and vein protection that can be seen across our rigger gloves.

The best leather rigger gloves in the UK

Premium, high-quality leather rigger work gloves

The majority of our rigger gloves are made using A to C grade split-leather and, with exception of the Predator Winter Power Rigger, all of our rigger gloves house a 100% cotton across the palm and fingers.

The Predator rigger gloves we have for sale are made using the best materials available to ensure the high levels of consistency that our customers know and love. From thermal to hi-vis rigger gloves, our range will make sure that your safety is never compromised.

Whilst split-leather is the main material in our rigger gloves range – we also stock hide-leather alternatives, such as the Predator Ivory Hide Rigger glove. This blue rigger glove gains its name from the ivory hide leather used to keep your hands safe. These rigger gloves follow a single-layer design and offer a level of water-repellency, which is inherent of hide-leather.

Get high quality Rigger Gloves for your general handling needs now

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