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In many industries, thermal work gloves are essential for the task at hand, needing to be equally as protective against the cold as they are against mechanical hazards. From cold stores to transport and agriculture, a pair of effective thermal gloves are essential.

Here at Just 1 Source, the Predator by Ron® range incorporates a number of thermal work gloves. Our Predator thermal work gloves are available for sale in different styles, with different properties suited to different tasks. Our range of thermal gloves includes rigger gloves, waterproof gloves, and grip gloves – available for bulk order now.

Waterproof, windproof winter gloves are ready for any environment

Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves, Perfect for Harsh Working Conditions

Our Watersafe range of work gloves includes 4 waterproof gloves, 2 of which offer thermal properties, keeping hands warm and dry no matter the working conditions. This improves comfort, protection, and productivity at work… Don’t believe us? Check out our waterproof glove reviews for the Pred Baltic.

The Watersafe Pred Baltic thermal glove is for sale here at Just 1 Source and is one of our best-sellers across all of our ranges.

Made with a 7 gauge acrylic-loop inside liner, the Pred Baltic is sure to keep you warm in adverse weather. For superb wet and dry suction grip, the Pred Baltic is dual-coated in latex, with a sandy palm finish. This dual-coating also waterproofs the glove to the wrist – another benefit to this much-loved product.

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keeping you warm, visible, and enhancing grip

Coloursafe Pred Winter Paws, perfect for construction and infrastructure maintenance

Many applications which pose a need for hand protection are outside in the open air, providing the need for thermal work gloves.

Our Coloursafe Pred Winter Paws comprises of a bright yellow, 7 gauge acrylic-loop liner, offering great visibility and thermal properties when working outdoors. This thermal glove is coated in crinkle latex with double-dipped tips for increase wear and lifespan – offering great grip for applications such as scaffolding and construction.

Another industry that loves the Coloursafe Pred Winter Paws is transport and warehousing, keeping hands warm whilst working on-site, using forklifts, and whilst loading trucks.

USE Pred Stockinettes TO TRAnSFORM ANY WORK GLOVE INTO a thermal glove

Pred Stockinettes: Thermal brilliance for any glove

Some applications may require a specific product that is unavailable in a thermal version. In this scenario, we have the solution – the Pred Stockinettes.

The Pred Stockinette is made using 100% cotton which is produced by our own manufacturer and can add thermal properties to any product they are worn underneath.

The latest addition to our thermal gloves collection

Your thermal glove to combat cut risks

Our latest addition to the Watersafe Range is the eagerly anticipated Watersafe Pred Arctic, waterproof and thermal glove.

Ideal for cold stores, construction, local authorities, and more – the Watersafe Pred Arctic’s liner offers Cut Level E protection. Contrastingly to the other thermal gloves in the Watersafe Range, the Watersafe Pred Arctic is coated in nitrile, although the glove is still waterproofed by the first coating, with a sandy palm finish for superb wet and dry grip.

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