Predator Safety Gloves product range features and benefits

Here at Just 1 Source & Supply, we offer a complete range of fully tested, high-quality work gloves at great prices. We also distribute our gloves worldwide, meaning you can buy them wherever you are! Our £1.75 million stock holding entails many styles of gloves, including the famous Predator by Ron safety gloves. These gloves meet the needs of a wide range of industries including Rigging, Glass Handling, Welding, Engineering, Gardening, and many more.

The 5 Core ranges under the Predator umbrella

Predator Gloves

Predator by Ron is our flagship brand of leather work gloves, with the Predator by Ron range renowned for setting a benchmark for quality and consistency in the industry. The Predator by Ron range comprises of Rigger Gloves, MIG Welding Gauntlets, TIG Welding Gauntlets, Drivers Gloves, and more.

Predator Watersafe Gloves

Our Watersafe range is for waterproof gloves. These gloves are manufactured using Polyester liners and feature a dual coating, with a smooth latex base layer and a sandy finish for wet or dry suction grip. The Watersafe work gloves are suited for both internal and external use, in wet or dry areas. The Pred Baltic and Pred Arctic are also Thermal lined for colder applications and adverse weather conditions

Predator Coloursafe Gloves

We colour coordinate our Coloursafe Work Gloves to help users know what level of protection they offer. This allows staff to carry out tasks with the reassurance that they’re wearing the correct level of safety gloves.

Red Coloursafe Gloves offer low cut resistance and are suited to general tasks, such as general handling, warehousing, gardening, and engineering. Orange Coloursafe gloves offer low/medium cut protection and are great applications like construction, landscaping, road maintenance, and light metalwork. Green Coloursafe gloves offer a higher level of cut resistance and are designed for higher risk areas, such as demolition, fabrication, waste management, glass handling, or plant and machinery work. Finally, our Blue gloves offer the maximum Cut Level F Resistance, for high-risk areas such as demolition, fabrication, waste management, glass handling, or plant and machinery work.

Predator Touchsafe Gloves

Our Touchsafe gloves also provide varying levels of hand protection. Each glove is coated in revolutionary PolyMAX™ – an Eco-friendly “green” coating that offers incredible abrasion resistance, whilst absorbing oils and repelling water to decrease the risk of slips and to aid hand fatigue. The Predator Touchsafe Gloves also offer 360o comprehensive breathability and, as the liners contain spandex, fit snug to the hand offering a second-skin feel. The Touchsafe range includes 18 gauge cut level C and F gloves – 18 gauge is currently the thinnest available cut level F glove, industry-wide.

Multi-Use Nitrile Gloves

Just 1 Source offers a range of multi-use nitrile gloves to service all industries. The Gripsafe Blue is a 15 mil flock-lined 400mm gauntlet, featuring a raised diamond grip. The Ideall® Grip Orange is a 7 mil thick 240mm multi-use glove, also available in a Black 5.2 mil thick 240mm. Our most recent addition welcomes the Mercator Blue Nitrylex® Classic examination 2.8 mil thick 240mm glove.
All multi-use nitrile gloves within our range are AQL 1.5, touchscreen-friendly, and is suitable for use with/around food.