Predator By Ron

Get to know the Glove Guru, Ron Simpson

It was in the early 1980s that Ron began to learn about the importing industry, working for United City Merchants, helping to set up the import of industrial gloves and clothing. Following this, Ron worked as a Purchasing Director for the Protective Clothing Distributors Association…

Predator By Ron

Throughout his time at UCM, Ron gained a greater understanding of the industry; identifying a market for better quality products in the UK – even though the trend at the time was cheap safety wear. Ron’s move to P.C.D.A allowed him to implement his idea for a higher standard; with Ron starting to build solid connections in the Far East.

Ron decided that the next natural step to take was to fully back his belief, and set up his own Importing business – MWT. It was at this stage where Ron sat down with close manufacturers in China, to begin to develop the Tiger range.

Over time, as new investors came on board – MWT delved into other areas of the PPE sector, expanding the range from gloves and footwear to head-to-toe PPE. As this transition took place, Ron felt the company values he instilled became diluted and he decided it was time to move on.

However, Ron’s commitment to offer real value for money to his customers (and the industry) were not finished, and so he looked to set up again; retaining more control of the path the business was to take. It was at this time that Just 1 Source & Supply was forged.

The first 3 products which he introduced to the Predator by Ron ® range were the PRED1 Rigger, PRED4 MIG, and PRED6 TIG – these designs soon became iconic in the industry; setting a new benchmark for quality and consistency. These Predator by Ron ® gloves were replicated nationwide in an attempt to take a bite of the market share, which was dominated by Ron and the Predator by Ron ® range at the time.

Predator by Ron ®Signaturecollection.

Ron continued to develop the Predator by Ron ® leather range of gloves, working closely with his supplier to expand the range to include a variety of Rigger Gloves, Welding Gauntlets, and Drivers Gloves. As industry trends began to change, Ron understood the importance of diversifying the range – developing knitted/coated cut-resistant and grip gloves – the Coloursafe Range.

Through continuous development of our range, we introduced our Waterproof, Watersafe Range of gloves – followed by the revolutionary Touchsafe Range and, most recently, the Gripsafe Range – all of which fall under the Predator by Ron ® umbrella.

It was in 2017 when Ron took his retirement and, whilst this was saddening news to the team, nobody could argue it was not well deserved! Ron’s ethos stands strong in Just 1 Source & Supply, with Ron still playing an integral part within the board, frequently visiting to discuss further development of Just 1 Source & Supply and the Predator by Ron ® range.

The development of Predator by Ron ®

MWT Founded

Tiger Rigger Designed

Cut ties with MWT

Just 1 Source & Supply Founded

Development and expansion of Predator by Ron ®

Just 1 Source & Supply hit first £1M turnover

Coloursafe Launch

Watersafe Launch

Touchsafe Launch

Gripsafe Launch