MIG & TIG high-quality Welding gloves for your business needs

Predator by Ron® combines innovative designs with tried and tested high-quality materials to create durable MIG & TIG welding gloves for the working professional.

Welding is a fabrication process using high heat to join metals together. Protecting your hands whilst welding is imperative, and we have a number of gloves to keep you safe.

We firmly believe we create the best MIG and TIG welding gloves in the UK, including:

MIG and ARC Welding Gloves for sale

MIG welding is most commonly used on large joins and fabrications, requiring high levels of heat protection. This is why our MIG welding gloves are made using the finest leather to create a heavy-duty gauntlet to keep you protected. All of our MIG welding gloves include a 100% cotton liner and, unlike synthetic fibres, cotton does not melt when in contact with a naked flame.

TIG Welding Gloves for Sale

TIG welding is generally performed on smaller, more intricate joins which require a clean finish, requiring maximum dexterity and control. Our TIG welding gloves all follow the same straight-thumb design to offer exactly that and are available in two supple leather options.

Safe, Comfortable and affordable TIG Welding Gloves, available in bulk now

The best TIG Welding Gloves

For the best TIG Welding Gloves in the UK, look no further than Just 1 Source. Our Predator by Ron® Range includes three different styles to meet different price points and requirements.

From the top of the range Deerskin TIG Gauntlets to the supple goat-hide Standard Tig Gauntlet, all of our TIG welding gloves are ergonomically designed with a straight thumb to allow unrestricted movement, with a robust split-leather cuff to continue the protection down the wrist and forearm.

Many TIG welding gloves found on the UK Market do not include liners however, wanting to maximise comfort and increase heat resistance, two of our three styles of TIG welding gloves include 100% cotton liners. Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton does not melt when in contact with a naked flame. We also use Twaron® heat-resistant thread throughout the range to increase the life-span of the TIG welding gloves our customers know and love!

With options to suit everyone and a range of sizes available, contact us for your TIG welding hand protection.

Our MIG Welding Gauntlets have been loved for over a decade

The best MIG Welding Gloves for sale in the UK

The MIG welding gloves we have for sale here at Just 1 Source are absolutely essential to ensuring the safety of their users is not compromised during the welding process.

Our Signature MIG welding gloves were one of our flagship products when Just 1 Source began and have remained a top-seller for over a decade. This heavy-duty MIG welding glove is made using the best quality split leather and features a double palm and thumb for extra heat protection and padding when carrying heavy metals and materials.

Just like our TIG welding gloves, the Signature MIG includes a 100% cotton liner and is stitched with Twaron® heat-resistant thread for longevity.

These MIG welding gloves are the top of our range and come in 2 lengths, or left-hand and right-hand pairs, meaning if you only require a glove on one hand, you don’t need to spend money on buying the other hand to bin!

Get top-quality welding gloves for your business today, with no compromises

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