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As with all gloves which we stock, you can buy our latex gloves wholesale at trade prices. Our latex gloves range includes Predator Winter Paws Latex Work Gloves, Predator Paws Latex Work Gloves, and the Watersafe range, incorporating the Pred Atlantic, Pred Baltic, and Pred Pacific…

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Quality Latex Gloves you can Count On

The Predator Baltic Dipped Work Gloves are waterproof to the wrist, and certified against contact cold, making them perfect for those damp outside jobs which require gloves.

We believe in our mantra – “Quality is remembered long after price has been forgotten” and if you’re looking to purchase latex gloves wholesale, you can count on the quality being second to none. Since 2010 we have been focused on being at the forefront of the work gloves market. In the previous 6 years, we have launched 4 ranges which have all met different requirements.

Bespoke Latex Gloves Tailored to Your Needs

Whilst gloves under the Predator brand suit nearly all environments requiring work gloves, we recognise that there are occasions where you may demand a more tailored solution to meet individual requirements. If you’re looking to create a new work glove or, to re-brand under your company name, our established bespoke manufacturing service can cater to your every need

We can help you to fulfil your need for branded or otherwise custom-tailored latex gloves. Of course, the base which you choose for your customised latex gloves will benefit from our usual wholesale trade prices. Latex gloves are deployed through a wide number of sectors including industrial, medical, dental, child care, cleaning, and senior care services (as well as catering and food preparation). As such, we’re well aware of our client’s potential need to customise their workforce’s latex hand wear.

Benefits of Latex Gloves

When evaluating whether your workforce requires latex gloves, it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons. Different types of gloves are suitable for different workplace applications

Benefits of latex gloves

  • Produced from a natural rubber
  • Fairly thin and therefore extremely tactile. Perform well in environments where a sense of touch is essential, such as food preparation or surgery
  • Latex gloves are a good way to keep water and biological liquids off the skin
  • Due to this, latex gloves offer good (and cost-effective) protection against viruses. It should be noted that other PPE may be required in addition to latex gloves (as well as proper training for your workforce)
  • Very comfortable and light-weight
  • Despite utilising a thin and light-weight material, latex gloves can be quite durable

Latex Glove disadvantages

  • There are a wide variety of chemicals to which latex offers little protection. If your workers handle chemicals. Be sure to check that latex is an effective shield
  • Some people are allergic to latex. It’s possible that a proportion of your workforce will be unable to wear latex gloves
  • Whilst latex gloves are durable for their thickness, if a puncture does occur, that puncture may be tricky to detect. In general though, latex gloves offer good puncture protection
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The Just 1 Source Gloves Range

At Just 1 Source & Supply, we supply a huge range of protective work gloves, to suit a wide range of industries and applications, including Rigging, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Construction and Demolition, Metal Fabrication, Gardening, Waste Management and Recycling, Agriculture, Landscaping, and Automotive, just to name a few. We are based in the United Kingdom and we are proud to supply our gloves across the world.

We stock the famous Predator by Ron range to multiple distributors over the globe. Predator by Ron is widely acknowledged in the glove industry because of its consistency and the superb quality of the work gloves produced. The range includes Rigger Gloves, Warehousing Gloves, TIG & MIG Welding gauntlets, and many more

We sell a selection of gloves made out of different materials including; Cotton, Leather, Latex, and many more. This helps us to provide a selection of protective gloves which range from low cut resistance to ultimate protection