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Leather Gloves are fundamental across sectors for their durability, flexibility, and endurance. Just 1 Source is home to the Predator by Ron® range; creators of the best leather gloves on the market today.

Just 1 Source has used the same factory and supplier for all leather gloves since our inception, allowing us to deliver high-quality consistent products every time. We stock leather work gloves capable of meeting the requirements for a variety of industries and applications, including TIG and MIG Leather Welding Gloves, Leather Rigger Gloves, and Leather Drivers Gloves.

For all your bulk leather work glove needs Nationwide, trust Just 1 Source.

Weld smart, weld safe, and weld well with Predator Leather Welding Gloves

Predator by RON: Quality TIG and MIG Leather Welding Gloves available at Just 1 Source

The Predator by Ron® range of leather welding gloves is renowned for its quality, consistency, and durability. Take, for example, our Deerskin TIG Welding Gloves.

These high-quality leather welding gloves are made from the finest deerskin leather and follow an ultrasafe and ergonomic design. The leather welding glove is designed with a straight thumb to provide unmatched dexterity and control. The Deerskin TIG Welding Glove also has a 100% cotton lining, an additional thumb crutch, and Twaron® heat resistant stitching for increased longevity and comfort.